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2-Hour OrFeed Dev Live-Coding Session

Schedule time to build your implementation of DeFi aggregation solutions, ask questions, receive strategic advice and/or develop automated trade bots and other custom algos.

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Ongoing Premium Support, 2 Strategy+Code Sessions Per Week

Become a part of the OrFeed family. Receive support for your solutions, access to regular advisory sessions, and more in-depth development assistance and management services for your project.

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End-To-End Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide code and strategy assistance primarily focused on centralized/decentralized marketplace bridges, automated trading algorithms (decentralized and centralized) driven by Node.js tooling, pricing data aggregation, transaction optimization, volatility measurement, marketplace creation, smart contract development, and general DeFi execution strategy. We try to tailor each session to the specific and individual needs of our clients.
No. However, the more your understanding of the Ethereum ecosystem, the more productive sessions tend to be.
OrFeed customers retain ownership of all generated intellectual property created from build sessions.